Beauty makeup “Warring States period”, this 10000 people’s conference helps retail freshmen

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"Looking back, bumpy and bumpy, looking forward, never giving up", this is a sentence sent by Huawei on its internal website "Xinsheng community", which can be used to describe the cosmetics industry. Being in the whirlwind period of the cosmetics industry, some people are confused, some are suffering, some are already on the road. But the future is opened for the revolutionaries of the great era.

On September 3, the Mid Year Summit of "retail freshmen" 2020, sponsored by the beauty salon Association and exclusively named by the mysteries of new West, opened in Shanghai.

The summit is of huge scale. It has invited tens of thousands of Omni channel retailers, more than 2500 global brands, thousands of red people, we media talents from all major platforms, and more than 50 mainstream e-commerce platforms. This conference is the largest gathering of Meiye e-commerce in 2020, aiming to clear the fog for retailers and open the door to a new consumption era.

Brand is the top of the industry ecology

The significance lies in premium and repurchase

"2020 is the Warring States period of the beauty industry. This year's market competition is particularly fierce. The vortex center of the market competition is around the brand, because the brand is a platform, retailers are also the flow of popular people, and those who win the brand win the world." in the opening speech of the Mid Year Summit, Lao Jian, President of the beauty salon, said that 2020 may be the hardest and most unforgettable year for the beauty industry, If you want to stand out in the fierce competition environment, you still have to rely on the brand, because the brand is the top of the industry ecology.

However, it is not easy to become a brand popular with channels and consumers. According to Lao Jian, sticking to the price strategy is the core focus of the brand. The price strategy is the lifeline of the brand. In addition, it is the channel strategy. She is willing to build a multi-channel brand, which is more reliable than the brand built by 1-2 Super channels or super live celebrities.

Zhang Yaodong, President of L'Oreal Alumni Association and consultant of AVO brand, has deep experience in brand building. According to Zhang Yaodong, the meaning of brand is premium and repurchase. Brand is product, attitude, story, symbol, communication and operation. A good brand should be based on the product, guided by the value proposition, and strengthened by the brand story and brand symbol. The consumer value of the brand should be realized through the operation and communication of the brand, and the premium and repurchase should be brought to the brand.

When it comes to brand building, we have to mention the mystery of new West. In the first half of this year, CS channel of mysteries of new West increased by 3.2 times, e-commerce increased by 5 times, private e-commerce doubled, and the annual revenue target was 2 billion.

In the eyes of Liu Xiaokun, chairman of the new West Group, the mystery of new West has become the highlight of the beauty industry in 2020, which is the result of the dual effects of channel construction and brand building. In the channel construction, the new West mystery has three driving forces to promote brand development: tiktok, jump off electricity providers, service under the "light medical beauty" line and Amoy distribution. This year, mysteries of new West will also start to develop community private e-commerce. In terms of brand building, the marketing focus of mysteries of new West has shifted to the depression of satellite TV and variety show, and will spend hundreds of millions of yuan to launch the national community ladder media advertising.

At the dinner, Zhao Wei, spokesperson for the mysteries of New Zealand, also came to the scene to witness the grand ceremony of American industry.

2Platform playing method and empowerment strategy in the new consumption era

The consumption of e-commerce is changing into a new stage of consumption oriented development. From the initial price competition to the current logistics construction, technology, content, intelligent supply chain and consumer insight, major e-commerce platforms continue to empower brands to meet the diversified and differentiated needs of consumers.

According to the insight of Taobao global shopping, the trend of differentiation of overseas shopping market is obvious. Global purchasing brand and supply chain leader figure first mentioned that women's consumption, head, eye and other local care became the habit needs after the epidemic, including nasal paste, eyelash growth liquid, smear mask and local body care needs protection. Besides, "men only" became hot words. Men's lotion, men's make-up, men's facial mask and men's cleansing were all a relatively fast growing category. In addition, the trend of differentiation in the overseas shopping market is obvious. 50% of Shanghai Taotao users will pay attention to the main functional ingredients of the products, and nicotinamide, fullerene, ceramide and other ingredients are popular。

According to the figure, at present, there are 60000 merchants that have obtained Taobao global purchase certification, with an annual turnover of 2.4 billion pieces, a market scale of more than 100 billion yuan, and an average daily turnover of more than 400 million yuan. There are more than 110000 transaction brands from 119 countries around the world, and more than 100000 small and medium-sized brands with characteristics. In terms of consumer groups, Taobao global shopping gradually shows the characteristics of younger age. The consumption ability of 15-24-year-old consumers is very strong, and the per capita cost reaches 1713 yuan.

In order to meet the needs of consumers, Taobao global will integrate core assets such as overseas buyers, brands and users through core projects such as Taobao distribution, Taobao bonded and Taobao digital customs clearance operation process, so as to match suppliers and distributors, and help overseas brands sell imported goods to consumers.

In tradition and extraordinary, Jingdong beauty makeup's growth rate is very obvious. Terry, vice president of Jingdong beauty business department, believes that the core value of the channel is the efficiency of people and goods matching, the core of offline retail industry is space efficiency, and the core of online retail industry is time efficiency. Jingdong should improve the "timeliness" for target groups, and provide good products and fast experience。

Jingdong beauty will upgrade its strategy with the target of 100 billion yuan in the next three years. Therefore, four strategies are put forward: firstly, set up a benchmark to build a 1 billion and 500 million Club; secondly, to live the ecology, improve the beauty service provider system and create a new brand incubation standard link; thirdly, strengthen the mind, create courtesy season and enrich category activities; fourthly, upgrade marketing, strengthen user operation, enhance promotion efficiency, and lay out live broadcast ecology. Looking at xiaohongshu, Xiguan, the general manager of xiaohongshu effect marketing, revealed that to find a definite path in xiaohongshu, we need to do a good job in "four ones": one ticket enterprise number, one amplifier brand, one accelerator advertising, and one weeding machine live delivery.

Tiktok tiktok, senior director of the industry, said Zhu Weihan has become the treasure hunting hot spot for young young sisters. In the jitter, there are 220 thousand daily videos uploaded by us, with an average daily volume of 600 million. Next step will become a new position of brand product and effect integration. We will use the short video + live dual tiktok creation mode to activate the brand new private sector marketing through three dimensions, namely, the new product, fans and small store scale, and boost the double sales of brand products.

On the contrary, it's a lot of spelling. In 2019, pinduoduo officially established Duoduo international, an exclusive channel for imported goods, and attracted many consumers with 10 billion subsidies. Compared with other platforms, Li Kui, general manager of Duoduo international, said that Duoduo international has the following advantages: diversified trade modes and full channel support for cross-border and general trade; the platform is in the development window period, and the product structure of platform and 10 billion channel is waiting to be completed; the operation cost is lower, the recruitment is open, and the Commission and annual fee are 0, and only payment deduction points are charged; B2C mode, no self support, and the number of powerful brands and traders is very fast.

With each showing its magic power, the competition among e-commerce platforms will be intensified.


Providing value to users is the bottom logic

In 2020, we witnessed super IP and national e-commerce. What kind of operation logic is there behind this?

No track is easy. Lao Zhong drives to the founder and member representative. Lao Zhong mentioned that IP positioning should refine the highlights from the individual itself, and then help TA enlarge it. The personality, style and values of IP itself are the characteristics that can really attract fans. The output of values is sometimes more powerful than the concrete content. In the live broadcast, Lao Zhong shared that e-commerce live broadcasting needs to find out the anchor's positioning, control the rhythm when explaining the product, analyze it from the four dimensions of material, function, spirit and culture, and can't omit the shortcomings. We can emphasize the key points, professional and interest points, and we can add some small experiments to directly promote consumption.

Zhang Mofan Momo, the super popular anchor and founder of Meimo emore, has a deep understanding of live broadcasting. In her opinion, the essence of live broadcasting is marketing, but the needs of each brand are different. Some brands do promotion for clearing inventory, while others put it into a part of marketing closed loop.

Compared with promotion, Momo Zhang hopes that the brand will focus on the long tail effect and let consumers pay based on value rather than promotion. "When doing live broadcasting, we should first cooperate with other marketing methods, set targeted live broadcast content and style, and align goals; secondly, we should sort out the selling points of the products differently and output them according to the consumption habits of fans; thirdly, we should improve the conversion rate and do a good job in the operation and rhythm control of the live broadcast room."

Tiktok, who is a MOMO Zhang Mofan, believes that providing the value of users forever is the logic of the bottom. The master of beauty should not blindly harvest, and develop new consumer demands with the brand. The rate of brand repeat purchase is the most important dimension to consider whether the cooperation is successful or not. Master Zhang Mofan

From artist agent to personal brand, and then to precipitation products, Yang Tian Tian, CEO of one heart Entertainment and founder of plusmall, has found a new breakthrough in live broadcasting. She observed that as long as the broadcaster believes in a value and standard, and then runs fans for a long time, fans will also understand the values and standards of the broadcaster and build a stronger sense of trust. Birds of a feather flock together. Yang Tiantian says that she is very substantial in order to know the group of people and do something that is worth their happiness and happiness. "How to make live broadcast products reach users and find diversified sales models is a long-term research topic."

In fact, the business logic has never changed, that is to create value for consumers.


Set up the industry's first expert advisory group covering the whole industry chain

As Lao Jian said, in the Warring States period of 2020, the industry needs to join forces to keep warm, to think calmly and to learn deeply, and to break the barriers between peers, to communicate and share more. In order to better serve the beauty industry, at this conference, Taomei Merchants Association invited the founders of the most representative R & D-type production enterprises, brand enterprises, service institutions, investment institutions, industry leading media, as well as the former cosmetics Group executives to organize the industry's first expert advisory group covering the whole industry chain.

On the one hand, Taomei Merchants Association hopes to gather the resources of the ecological chain of the industry, enhance the communication and learning between the various roles in the industry, break the traditional game thinking, and change the opponent into a teammate in the way of cooperation and innovation.

On the other hand, Taomei beauty Merchants Association hopes to gather the professional and forward-looking industry cognitive strength of the expert advisory group to export high-quality brands, services and resources to the industry in a more professional and efficient way, so as to promote the development of the industry and realize the innovative strategic layout of symbiosis and win-win of beauty industry ecosystem. Although there are only 10 experts in the Advisory Group at present, there will be more outstanding professionals to join in.

As a representative of the expert advisory group, Du Wei, President of the cosmetics newspaper, said, "with the efforts of experts in the whole industry chain, the Advisory Group will certainly bring more possibilities and opportunities to the industry and promote the further development of Meiye."



More than 1000 brands fair,

Nearly 30000 people visited the exhibition, and over 730000 people visited the exhibition

On September 4-5, more than 1000 brand talks were held at the same time of the Mid Year Summit of Taomei. The flow of people once again refreshed the historical data, attracting 30000 offline visitors and more than 730000 online cloud visitors.

More than 1000 brands from more than 50 countries and regions were successfully gathered on the site, covering not only the whole category of beauty cosmetics, such as skin care, color make-up, hair care, body care, beauty equipment, but also beauty peripheral products such as beauty candy, oral liquid, health food and so on.

In the same tiktok summit, more than 1000 brand meetings were held. The Amoy Merchants Association also joined 8 major business platforms, including Tmall, Tmall international, Jingdong, jowling, Kwai hung, many spendthrones, quick hands, and praise.

Tiktok, which has been the fastest and most effective way to get new traffic, is playing a role in the fastest growing and most efficient way to get new traffic. With the help of Taobao Kwai data, more than 50 heads of MCN organizations, including live broadcast, jitter, quick hands, and little red book, have been screened out. Help brands and retailers to fully understand the game methods and new trends of popular content co creation and community marketing.

In addition, Taomei Cosmetology Association, in conjunction with yanantang, the component Party's we media, held a composition trend forum for the first time to help brands avoid pitfalls and help retailers choose products correctly.

It is worth mentioning that all the participating brands, celebrities and MCN institutions have settled in the "beauty salon app", and all resources can realize 365 day real-time docking through the app one click link function.


Ningbo Longway Packaging S&T Co.Ltd will always pay attention to the trend of the industry and strive to develop new cosmetic packaging materials for the major beauty brands.

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