Common faults and solutions of hot stamping process in cosmetic industry

The perfect hot stamping effect mainly depends on the temperature, pressure and bronzing speed of each other. Therefore, to control the quality of bronzing, should master a reasonable bronzing temperature, pressure and speed. This creates good conditions for bronzing, in order to finally make the quality of bronzing to be guaranteed.


1, fault phenomenon: Hot stamping is not firm

Mainly with hot stamping temperature and pressure, ink formula, printing surface characteristics, the properties of aluminum anodized and other factors.

(1)    as a result of hot stamping temperature or pressure is light and lead to hot stamping not fast, hot stamping temperature and pressure can be readjusted

(2)    in the ink to add an appropriate amount of wax removal agent, anti – adhesive or non – drying oily substances will also produce hot stamping not fast. The solution is to stick a layer of absorbent paper air pressure on a plate, the background ink layer of wax, non-drying oil adsorption, and then hot stamping operation.


2. Failure phenomenon: exposed bottom

Main reasons and solutions: hot stamping, pictures and texts appear on the bottom or not hot stamping.

(1)    Hot stamping temperature is too low. The plate hot stamping temperature is too low to reach the minimum temperature required for the electrochemical aluminum foil to be removed from the substrate and transferred to the substrate. During the hot stamping, the electrochemical aluminum foil is not fully transferred, resulting in graphic hair, exposure or hot stamping. This kind of quality problems, should be timely and appropriate to raise the temperature of the electric plate, until hot stamping out intact prints.

(2)     Small hot stamping pressure. In the process of hot stamping, if the plate hot stamping pressure is too small, the pressure applied to the electrochemical aluminum foil is too light, the electrochemical aluminum foil can not transfer smoothly, so that the hot stamping image and text is not complete. Find this situation should first analyze whether the hot stamping pressure is small, and observe the weight of the imprint, such as hot stamping pressure is small, should increase the hot stamping pressure

Post time: Aug-10-2020
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