Cosmetics packaging bottle logo printing several methods

In the cosmetic processing and printing process, flat printing, relief printing, gravure box screen printing is known as the four major printing methods.

In modern cosmetic OEM printing process, the advantages and characteristics of each process are often used for combined printing.For example, offset printing is used to realize the accurate reproduction of images, gravure printing is used to complete the reproduction of large area spot color, flexo or screen printing is used for glazing and surface finishing, and digital printing is used to realize packaging customization and anti-counterfeiting, etc.


Hot stamping (silver)

The gold foil is stamped on the packaging by heating and pressing.

Yinjin (silver) has fine and solid imprinting, good metallic texture, strong covering power, high floating power, strong metallic luster and low cost.Printed patterns clear, beautiful, colorful, wear - resistant, weather - resistant.Often used in product trademark, registration name, the effect is remarkable.The process of attaching special metal powders to specified parts on commodity packaging or label printing to achieve metallic luster effect.This technology can obtain a realistic metal texture and better gloss, while the pattern fine, accurate overprint.

Bronzing technology is widely used in tobacco, wine, medicine, cosmetics and high-grade food packaging as well as the printing of greeting CARDS, invitations, calendars and other products, which can greatly increase the added value of goods.In China, the technology of gold sweeping was developed in the 1990s. Some developed packaging and printing areas (such as Guangdong) also introduced several gold sweeping machines, which were mainly used for the production of tobacco and medicine bags.With the improvement of packaging requirements in China, the gold sweep technology will have greater development.

Hot stamping, scientific name anodized hot stamping, is a special printing technology without ink, it is with the help of a certain pressure in the temperature, the use of hot stamping machine template, printing and hot stamping foil pressure each other in a short period of time, the metal foil or pigment foil according to hot stamping template image and text transfer to the surface of the hot printing.

In today's packaging decoration and other printed matter, in addition to the use of bronzing (silver) process, offset printing gold (silver) printing process is still used by many manufacturers.Yinjin (silver) has the advantages of fine and solid imprinting, good metallic texture, strong covering power, high floating power, strong metallic luster and low cost.

2, silk screen,

Screen printing belongs to hole printing.In printing, the transfer of ink by a certain pressure through the holes of the plate to the substrate (paper, ceramics, etc.) to form an image or text.

Screen printing is not subject to the size and shape of the substrate restrictions, plate making convenient, cheap price.Ink layer thickness, rich graphics and text, three-dimensional sense of strong, broad substrate materials.The use of UV screen ink, printing on the packaging box frosted, refraction, ice flowers, wrinkles, and other effects, can greatly stimulate the consumer's desire to buy.

Post time: Aug-10-2020
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