E-commerce is also crazy! Multi-platform epidemic prevention supplies skyrocketed, with a bottle of hand sanitizer selling for nearly $700

As the coVID-19 epidemic spreads across the globe, the price of protective equipment is soaring and a range of sanitizers, such as hand sanitizers, are in high demand on platforms.

Third party sellers on Ebay are charging high prices for hand sanitisers, such as disinfectant which normally costs 50p, but is now selling for £25.99, a 118-fold increase in the price of “live” soap.
Hand sanitizer spray bottle

Hand cream, for example, retails for £3.49 in the store, but on Eaby a shopkeeper offers it for £109.99, a multiple of the price.

A bottle of disinfectant for 99 pounds, for example, is being sold by a shopkeeper for 499 pounds. But Rao is so, there are still buyers to buy.
Disinfectant plastic spray bottles

When press the seller, he said, he felt that he didn’t do anything wrong, at ordinary times, after all, it’s a bottle of disinfectant not sold for one hundred yuan, up to a few pence, so that others can raise the price, he can also, of course, he didn’t feel like doing something wrong, “I’m back to those who buy without disinfection products, provide what they want!” The seller said excitedly to the media.

Price gouging is not limited to sellers on Ebay. Similar big-ticket items have emerged in online markets like Amazon and others. Wal-mart also has third-party sellers that post higher-than-usual prices online.
Hand sanitizer plastic spray bottles

Ebay has previously cracked down on sellers who raise prices, stating that shopkeepers who raise prices during the epidemic will face severe punishment, and may even close their stores.

However, the shopkeepers on the platform, apparently did not take this “prohibition” seriously, still crazy to raise prices, make a lot of money. Ebay said it was taking down all hand sanitizers, face masks and other items sold on the platform in response to the situation.
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Post time: Jul-16-2020
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