“lazy cosmetics” is becoming a popular trend in China’s cosmetics market


With the continuous efforts of Internet practitioners, the technical threshold is getting lower and lower. More and more middle-aged people who know a lot about new technologies are gradually stepping into the ranks of the elderly, and the silver haired people are gradually no longer “insulated” from the Internet. Many Internet companies are also focusing on attracting young consumers. However, compared with the young people who are exhausted every day, the retired elderly may have more money, more leisure time and more conditions to pursue a high-quality life. According to statistics, the current silver hair consumption market has reached 7 trillion yuan and is expected to exceed 13 trillion yuan by 2030.

For the medical and beauty industry, silver haired people have money and leisure, have anti-aging beauty needs, and have higher loyalty to institutions than young people, and are absolutely not to be missed.

The pursuit of convenience “lazy cosmetics” is becoming a popular trend in China’s cosmetics market

According to the “focus on global cosmetics” released by the Korean cosmetics industry research institute, the “lazy people’s cosmetics” that can be used quickly and conveniently are becoming popular in China recently. In particular, for the part of color makeup, lazy people’s cosmetics  packaging are attracting attention, aiming at women who want to quickly complete the make-up or have difficulties in making up. There are many convenient and fast products on the market. According to the content released at the 2019 makeup in Shanghai International Beauty Show, about half of women over the age of 20 have difficulty in making eye makeup and spend more time on eye makeup. As a result, there are eye dressing cosmetics for lazy people in the market. There are two typical eye shadow and eyebrow card products.

Yuemei APP: the medical and beauty industry is experiencing explosive growth in the “employment season”, and facial fat filling is the first choice

Recently, medical beauty app Yuemei plastic surgery released the “medical beauty consumption report” shows that in recent years, the trend of medical beauty is becoming more and more obvious, and the aesthetic is gradually diversified and internationalized. The overall facial contour is quietly replacing the eyes, nose, chin and other single parts, becoming the hottest plastic parts. From the beauty project, the top five are facial fat filling, hyaluronic acid filling, botulinum toxin face thinning, simple prosthesis augmentation nose, double eyelid. The post-90s pay more attention to the contour of appearance, and pay more attention to body parts than to eyes. There are also “North-South differences” in medical cosmetology. The proportion of facial contour shaping and body shaping in Beijing is better than that in Guangzhou, but the proportion of double eyelid, nose synthesis and prosthetic breast augmentation in Guangzhou is higher than that in Beijing.

Thailand net red mask was unqualified, and the company said it was not authentic.

According to China food and drug network Recently, the Shanghai food and Drug Administration’s official website issued the “first phase of cosmetics inspection and quality inspection announcement of Shanghai in 2019 (July 8, 2019)”, indicating that the production units were 18 batches of unqualified products such as Shanghai Asia Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou cikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Pao cosmetics Co., Ltd. Bath gel, hair dye cream, moisturizer and other products. Among them, RAY Facial Mask (Golden version), RAY Facial Mask (silver version) for the net red mask.

According to a related statement issued by makeup bud, the facial mask (gold version) and ray facial mask (silver version) listed in the announcement are not the products of the company after verification. According to the current investigation results, the sampling products are different from the official masque mask from the Cosmetic packaging and composition inspection. The sampling unit [Wangcheng (21110319830818061X)] is not an official authorized dealer. The batches of the products being inspected “90233″ are not commonly used batch numbers of the official Masque, which do not conform to the official naming rules (LOTA+5 digit Arabia number). The company has never produced products with batch numbers beginning with “9.”


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Post time: Oct-30-2020
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