More and more parents are willing to “invest” their children’s image

1.Men’s cosmetics are on the rise, with a global market size of 540 billion yuan
It is predicted that by 2023, the global men’s cosmetics market will reach 78 billion 600 million dollars, or about 540 billion yuan, which includes not only moisturizing cream, but also foundation cream, bronze cosmetics and eyebrow powder. These figures may seem exaggerated, but in fact, in 2017, the global men’s cosmetics market reached US $57.7 billion, or about RMB 400 billion, and is growing rapidly. The packaging of cosmetics is getting more and more exquisite

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2. Sunscreen products have gradually become the preferred choice for consumers According to the analysis of the market scale trend of China’s sunscreen industry from 2010 to 2017 by China industry information network, it is estimated that the annual sales of sunscreen products will increase by about 20 % from 2018 to 2024. The development of China’s sunscreen industry is not mature, and there is still a large space for development. In addition to the basic demands of high SPF and PA value, consumers focus on the safety and durability of sunscreen products. Compared with chemical sunscreen, physical sunscreen is inert to the skin, not easy to react with the skin, and will not be absorbed by the skin.


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3. More parents are willing to “invest” their children’s image

An e-commerce platform said that on the evening of the end of the college entrance examination, the number of new users increased sharply, and the overall number of beauty categories increased by more than 260%, which means that many people are seizing time to become beautiful before they enter the University. Even some female students after 00 rush to the beauty salon from other places on the day of the end of the college entrance examination and have plastic surgery accompanied by their parents. It seems that they can’t wait to become beautiful. Coincidentally, similar to the peak of elective surgery for college entrance examination students, it also appears in the Department of Ophthalmology and stomatology in general hospitals. Doctors said that in recent years, parents are more receptive to their children’s plastic surgery and are willing to “invest” more in their children’s image.


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4.3D hair transplant technology has been launched

At present, the medical and aesthetic market tends to be saturated and the competition is fierce, and the hair transplant market is in a rapid development period to a mature period. Now the 3D hair transplant technology has occupied the trend. It is understood that only one professional hair transplant institution can use it in China so far. However, with the continuous improvement of the use and popularity of the technology, other hair transplant hospitals will introduce it. The prominent advantage of 3D hair transplantation technology is the upgrading and transformation of traditional technology. Compared with the traditional hair transplantation technology, the hair volume obtained by this technology is more than 20%, which greatly improves the density of hair planting, and the planting is more hierarchical and more

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Post time: Oct-18-2020
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