The 25th CBE closed successfully. Have you got the top ten trends revealed?

On July 11, the 25th China Beauty Expo CBE and supply world beauty supply chain Expo concluded successfully in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

During the three days of the exhibition, 15 major pavilions, 10 theme pavilions, and dozens of brand VIP pavilions, with a total exhibition area of 220000 square meters, 3000 exhibitors from the whole cosmetics industry chain, buyers and buyers from all channels of cosmetics, professional R & D and technical personnel, beautifully fired the first shot of the beauty industry market recovery in 2020!

At the same time, CBE cloud based US Expo, a comprehensive online platform for exhibition, dissemination, drainage and trade of CBE enabled exhibitors, has witnessed a surge in visitors during the exhibition. As of 5:00 p.m. on July 11, CBE cloud based US Expo has exceeded 290000 visitors. Online and offline linkage once again confirms the transcendent status and absolute strength of China beauty fair.

CBE, as a wind vane of the industry, has gathered the latest technologies and products of major enterprises and brands in the industry link, and new concepts, new ideas and new technologies have been burst out. So, behind this, what are the market trends that deserve our attention?



With the rise of consumers in the view of science and technology, the beauty industry is in urgent need of advancement

On July 8, the white paper of China Mei Yi science and technology was launched at the “2020 international cosmetics technology conference” sponsored by CBE and supply world, which pointed out that consumers of Chinese science and technology view are rising, and they are more concerned about the product itself and tend to be more rational. This trend will promote the scientific and technological innovation to a high level, and the beauty industry needs to be upgraded.

On this CBE, AVON AVON displays the small black skirt essence cream series, which integrates ingredients, fragrance and technology. Chinese brands, such as nature hall and perleya, directly use “technology” as the key words to display: integrate science and technology into brand building, and empower the brand with science and technology. For example, CHCEDO booth, CHCEDO ice cream water, CHCEDO private custom efficacy essence, small purple bottle essence, small light bulb mask, water blasting powder and many other high-tech star products on display.

From the design of the venue to the products in the exhibition area, all the elements reveal one thing: on the road of brand building, pelaia is fully attacking, exploring the ultimate science and pursuing the ultimate aesthetics. It can be predicted that in the future, the hard power of the sense of science and technology will be the direction of the development of domestic brands.



Content marketing continues to be hot, or become a new wave of dividends in the industry

At the 2020 China cosmetics retail industry conference held during the exhibition, a guest pointed out that: content marketing and community marketing should become the basic skills of physical stores, and finally form a complementary relationship between physical stores and e-commerce. At that time, the cosmetics industry will usher in a new wave of dividends.

It can be said that content marketing is the best way for brands to communicate with consumers in the era of information flow and information explosion. Whether it is KOL planting grass, CO branding with well-known IP, or content planning and topic building, the major brands are showing their own abilities and brilliance in this exhibition.

In the aspect of CO branding with IP, the performance of color brand in this exhibition is particularly eye-catching. For example: Lanser, the representative of Chinese cosmetics, cross-border co branding the Centennial Victoria and Albert Museum, launched a brand-new Lanser Mucha Art Co branding series at the exhibition; China fashion brand kevlan, this time moved the open-ended gallery into the CBE exhibition site; and so on.

In addition, the N7 IP authorized beauty manufacturing hall specially set up by CBE organizers has gathered three elements of brand authorization – IP authorized resources, brand purchasing and enterprise’s own brand, which promotes the deep integration of high-quality IP and beauty brands with beauty manufacturing, and transforms and innovates cross-border beauty products.



Anti aging and sensitive muscle repair into a favorite, the efficacy of skin care is sought after

Skin care, anti-aging and sensitive muscle repair is absolutely the “favorite” of the major brands on this CBE. The collection of three freeze-dried ampoules in Shanghai’s Jahwa banner has 77 bottles of polypeptides, which are extracted from polypeptides, ginseng extracts and retinol three antiaging ingredients.

The main product of this CBE of baiqueling is the newly launched anti-aging frame color and light lines repair series. This series of products apply the plant essence active substance provta with anti-aging effect, which is developed based on the aging track of Oriental women, and can provide exclusive age protection solutions for Oriental women of all ages.

The high fever of anti aging and repair is also visible from the latest technology shown by upstream enterprises. The cosmus skin care series focuses on sensitive muscle care. Shanghai Yi Dai has introduced many new products, such as nano gold reverse saccharification and probiotic balanced conditioning essence, aiming at anti aging and remediation, and Peng’s group has the product of 8000+ in the product line of efficacy skin care. , more than 300 formula special certificates.



Consumer mind oriented subdivided track, brand needs to break through accurately

During this year’s CBE fashion show, Alibaba launched a brand new white paper, which will help consumers break through the CBE fashion show. According to the white paper, there are eight types of beauty consumers, and each type has a significant consumer preference. Therefore, brand side should focus on the core mental groups and anchor different groups to launch new products.

In this exhibition, with the overall concept of “brand collection store”, Huanya Pavilion displayed 11 distinctive and differentiated brands with different positioning, such as meifubao, flanenka, Ziyuan, jipeptide, skin future, face ideas, ausperi, MOR, Moina, Bingquan, JINGDING, etc., to tap new market demand in a more focused way.



Import big brands open up the era of the whole territory, and a small number of brand groups fight

Over the years, imported products have been a highlight of CBE. At this exhibition, N5, E2, E3, E7, E8 and so on have gathered a large number of top-notch products of imported beauty, which attracted a large number of people and made-up products.

Looking at these imported brands, we can see that in the current market environment, import brands begin to pay more attention to enabling channels, more attention to global integration, and more attention to co creation and co construction.

For example, L’Oreal said at the retail industry conference that it would launch a variety of products from the four dimensions of new categories, new ingredients, new technologies and new scenes, and at the same time, it would enable the development of CS stores and help terminal new retail upgrading through additional live broadcasting and salons; Shiseido launched the oso global service upgrade plan for Shiseido 2020, focusing on offline services and through global specialty The empowerment of services, including global access, global grass planting, global purchase, global operation and maintenance, promotes the integration of online and offline cosmetics stores.

In addition, the “small and beautiful” of imported brands are also blooming in this CBE. Taking Hangzhou Chuanxi as an example, this exhibition brings its full brand matrix, including Japanese customized skin care brand custom333 Skin beauty, COSME beauty award, popularity champion &honey Andy flower, Japanese Lotte sales champion Nice&Quick Nai Hao Hao Ke, Amoy beauty dressing tool flow AMORTALS Er grape, net red eggshell mask MaKuQi time two, and so on.



Under the new situation, consumption demand changes, health and safety willingness becomes normal

This year, due to the epidemic situation, health and safety awareness has been raised to an unprecedented height by consumers. Beauty products are affected by this trend, and natural and safe ingredients have gradually become the first choice.

Hera, who has always been a natural and Australian material, has shown a series of popular products including the series of repair and comfort restoration, propolis plastic Eye Repair Eye Essence, snow skin whitening cleansing mousse, water color snow mask, sunscreen lotion and so on. The theme of this exhibition is “healthy beauty, Chinese beauty”, which is a brand-new Yurun fresh and moisturizing series combined with the principle of “Jun, Chen, Zuo, Shi” in combination with traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition, the N5 pavilion’s Polaris Japan brand exhibition area also set the theme of “beauty and health” as the theme. Based on the advantages of the original cosmetics, it added “healthy” elements to China’s consumers and customers, and shared the concept of life and interior simultaneous interpreting.


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Post time: Aug-10-2020
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