The characteristics of international popular cosmetics package

In our daily life, cosmetics have become an essential beauty and skin care products. I believe that many girls’ dressing tables are filled with large and small cosmetics for skin care and beauty. Even girls who do not like to make up at ordinary times and boys who only attach importance to basic skin care have several bottles of cosmetics for daily use. In today’s world, cosmetics not only beautify our life, but also become a consumer market that cannot be ignored. The appearance of skin care ideas on the market is endless, the packaging of various brands contain brand culture and design concept, so that people dizzying, dazzling.

Want to be in nowadays each big brand contend for strange in the big environment of colourful stand out, besides the effect that should pay attention to a product, the brand promotes the popularity of oneself cosmetics and artistic grade even. If you usually pay attention to the trends of cosmetics, you will find that the international famous cosmetics brands have their own distinctive characteristics. So how should the grade of cosmetic brand and oneself distinctive glamour come to reflect? In addition to product advertising and counter sales, packaging is a very important link. Imagine if two hand creams were the same in quality, efficacy and price, would you prefer the one with a higher level of appearance and design? Like good-looking people will always let people can not help but look at a few more, beautiful packaging is indeed more attractive. Delicate and appropriate packaging can not only attract the attention of consumers, let them linger in front of the counter, can not help but try out, but also fully reflect the brand’s fashion connotation and cultural taste. Therefore, packaging can not only protect and accommodate products, but also play a role in attracting consumers and displaying brand culture. Since cosmetic packaging is so important, let’s have a comprehensive understanding of cosmetic outsourcing materials as well as its new trends and characteristics.

New features of cosmetic packaging

Good packaging can turn dull chemicals into fine cosmetics. Packaging can make the product eye-catching, design can make the product to meet the psychological, spiritual, cultural needs of customers, so as to promote sales. “The package is often more important than the product inside,” which is especially true in today’s cosmetics. In modern cosmetics production, many high-end cosmetics packaging investment for the entire product cost of 70% or even higher. In the cosmetics market, the birth of a new brand needs more exquisite product packaging to establish its market position. At this time, the packaging has developed from the ancient static storage to the modern circulation media, which is far beyond the packaging itself for the value of commodities. Due to the increasingly fierce competition in the cosmetics market, various cosmetics companies have paid more attention to the packaging of cosmetics in order to expand the sales share of their products. Now cosmetic packaging mainly presents the following points:

1. The green
The author discovers through the contact with a lot of famous packing company, Chinese packing job realizes more and more to turn over “low carbon economy” inevitable trend, with green, environmental protection low energy consumption, low pollution, low emission is the economic model produce method and commodity plan for the foundation, reduce carbon emission next. And, more and more packaging companies began to pay attention to green environmental protection, namely, the use of new technology, new materials, the introduction of clean production mechanism, reduce waste, achieve more green production, achieve sustainable development of cosmetics enterprises.
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As more and more cosmetics manufacturers begin to pay attention to environmental protection, they also add environmental considerations into the choice of cosmetics packaging materials, considering whether these materials can be recycled, which is also in line with the increasing attention to environmental awareness. Recently popular cosmetics capsule is a good environmental protection packaging, cosmetics capsule packaging fine small, its capacity for the use of a time, so as to avoid other forms of packaging in the use of the process of the possible secondary pollution, so consumers every use of the product is clean.

The safety of cosmetics has now become the primary consideration for almost all female consumers when buying cosmetics. Organic, natural and additive free are the necessary conditions to ensure product safety. Therefore, the pursuit of green on the package will make cosmetics more attractive in the market.
2. The series
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Serialization packaging refers to the packaging design of the same category of commodities based on the premise of the uniform trademark pattern and text font and with different colors, water lines or different modeling structures as the keynote. It requires that there are differences between the same and the same, which should be diversified without losing the sense of wholeness. In the practical application of cosmetics, generally speaking, there are two things: one is the same brand, the different function of the whole series of cosmetics packaging, for consumers to buy, at the same time, make the overall price is lower than the total individual purchase price, such as a certain brand of cosmetics to keep the overall design style, and then takes the form of boxes, all kinds of cosmetics for centralized packing, the overall sales as a sales unit; Second, a series of cosmetics with the same brand, the same main function but different auxiliary functions, or a series of cosmetics with the same brand, the same function but different formulations, are designed in a series of packaging. For example, some cosmetics brand design of a variety of face cream, its main function is to protect skin, but the auxiliary effect is different, to combine its effect to carry on the design of packaging. For this series of cosmetics, in the packaging design, should be combined with the characteristics of the series of packaging design, not only to achieve the role of the series of packaging, but also conducive to the choice of consumers.

3. The innovative
cosmetics packageIn the personal care products and perfume market, product packaging has become an important factor that can quickly lock consumers’ eyes on the retail shelves, after all, contemporary consumers have gradually understood the packaging design. From the mass market to high-end stores, from glass to plastic bottles, perfume and cosmetics marketing is increasingly focusing on innovative and unconventional packaging. Because of the intense competition for consumer attention, many packaging suppliers believe that product design is becoming more important than ever. Personalized demand can drive the continuous development of customized production (customized production mode according to the needs of different consumers). For example, you can customize the fragrance you want for a certain brand of perfume on the spot, and you can also carve your name on the bottle, which will undoubtedly attract many young people who pursue individuality. Innovative ideas are fully utilized in this kind of design, but the amazing role of customers will gradually disappear if we stop at the same time. Therefore, innovation is the eternal theme of cosmetic packaging.

Problems existing in the field of daily chemical packaging by Local Chinese enterprises

In terms of packaging materials:
There are mainly two kinds of recycling marks for packaging materials: one is the recyclable mark, which indicates that the material is recyclable and is suitable for all kinds of materials, such as paper, plastic and glass. The other is the classification of materials, which is of great significance to the classification and utilization of recycling, especially plastics. In the case of plastics, in the European Union the recycling mark and the classification mark are separate; In China, the United States and Germany, the recycling logo and the classification logo are one.

The use of recycling and classification marks in China is not optimistic, the most typical is plastic products. As early as April 1996, China issued a recommended standard “Plastic Packaging Products Recycling Mark”, but until now, this standard has not been well implemented in the cosmetics industry. In addition to the recycling label, foreign products sometimes carry other environmental information on their packaging. A popular design idea internationally is that if more than two packaging materials are used in a product, they must be easily separated. And domestic products use a lot of tin foil. Tin foil can not be recycled, incineration will produce harmful gases, landfill is not easy to degrade. Although this kind of material has moistureproof, wear-resisting advantage, but the influence to the environment is not allowed to ignore, this kind of material has been eliminated in so abroad, but still use in China in great quantities. This reflects the weak awareness of environmental protection in the material design of Chinese cosmetics.

Packaging design:
At present, most of the domestic high-end cosmetics market is dominated by the international market, while Chinese private brands can only struggle in the middle and lower market. It is true that there are many reasons for this, but the flaw in the packaging design is also obvious. In Europe, personalized design has become the mainstream. Not only do different brands need to be distinguished by design, but also different types of products of the same brand must be distinguished by design. Design has become one of the means to interpret the subtle and unique characteristics of a product. In Contrast, in China, many brands have unclear brand boundaries and product subdivisions, and even different brands tend to have similar designs. However, the products that can represent the national design style of China are rare and generally lack of individuality and individual design. In a word, how to rapidly improve the popularity of the national cosmetics industry through innovative and high artistic packaging design is a subject faced by designers.

In general, in the packaging material design, material application, the current foreign cosmetics enterprises than domestic enterprises are more mature, in the material selection is more extensive, more creative. However, we believe that with the maturity of the market and the growth of domestic cosmetics enterprises, as well as the gradual enrichment of relevant materials and information resources, in the next few years, more local Chinese cosmetics enterprises will play an important role on the stage of the cosmetics industry. There are already a number of domestic brands that are gradually improving the aesthetic and recognition of packaging design. For example, maridega, Yuxi, Perfect diary and other domestic products, whether in efficacy or packaging are slowly rising.

Post time: Dec-14-2020
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