Top 3 trends in China’s beauty and cosmetics industry in 2020


According to the latest status and development trends of the global and Chinese beauty and cosmetics markets, we summarize the 3 development trends of the beauty and cosmetics industry in 2019-2020:


Trend 1. The scale of Chinese cosmetics industry continues to grow steadily

In 2020, the size of China's cosmetics market is expected to exceed RMB 400 billion, of which online transactions will account for half. At present, there are more than 4,000 enterprises that have obtained the cosmetics production license in China, with nearly 500,000 kinds of domestic cosmetics.It should be said that a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises will be eliminated in the 2018 competition, and the market competition is intensified, while the overall market size of cosmetics consumption will continue to grow steadily.

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Trend 3, cosmetic wechat business operation upgrade

Cosmetic wechat business, especially personal care products and facial mask wechat business, after the madness of 2017and 2018 and the large-scale decline of 2019, will make a comeback in 2020. Currently, the number of personnel engaged in cosmetic wechat business exceeds one million, so it should be said that the market base is extremely large.But in 2020, the opportunity of wechat business market will only give those who really upgrade in product quality, social communication upgrade, consumer value experience upgrade, wechat business operation and management system upgrade brand strength enterprises, and every day play cheat wechat business enterprises will recover.

Trend 2. Booming development of social e-commerce

According to statistics, there are more than one million "we media" accounts in operation. In addition, taobao e-commerce live broadcast and short video platforms have given birth to a large number of web celebrity IP beauty brands. Moreover, the deep cooperation between enterprises and web celebrity IP signing and authorization has become normal.

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Post time: Jul-16-2020
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